Who Lives Sees, Who Travels Sees More – Brief Introduction

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Some of you might have known us for quite long, some of you might have not heard of us.

Some of you might have shared your journey with us, some of you might still trying to figure out what we’re doing.


We are Sage, we are the manifestation of brave souls.

We are the value that embodied within you all along, the wisdom.

That you will acquire through your venture to the great outdoor, and your journeys to see more.

Through fine quality apparels that lasts and ages along with your journey, with aesthetic approach that follows the function, and durable material and construction as well.

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Apparel Collection

The outdoor have always been our inspiration, so we designed every piece of our apparel

with functional details and reinforcement features.

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5 Pocket Selvedge Denim Collection

Denim have a special notion for us, the 5 pocket jeans are every men’s staple apparel.

We created our jeans in our very own humble workshop with vintage machineries.

So what’s the relevance between denim and Sage?

As we mentioned before, we create products that would be your companion and ages along with your journey.

Denim fabric fades, and it depends on the wearer.

We value every creases that formed, and every shade of blue that changed in denim fabric, as a reminder of the wearer’s journey.


We designed our classic 5 pocket jeans with our aesthetic twist, combining our own signature details and functional form.

The cut, fabric selection, and details are selected through our standard to stand your need, as a durable companion.

The brief introduction has come to an end, and now we’re preparing for new products for you.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our fellow brave souls who have supported us for about 1.5 years.

And our deepest gratitude to our main inspiration, the great wild outdoor.

And of course, you.


May 22nd 2014